Ballyhoo is  part of an ongoing examination exploring the rise of narcissism through media. Now, images are thrown around to promulgate a specific lifestyle, hobby, or just for the purpose of documentation. We're constantly adding content to devices that are without exception, extensions of ourselves; what is liked, what is wanted, what is envied, and how it is portrayed. In an age where knowledge is accessible, we find that the mundane is propagated endlessly and in materialistic attempts at immortalization through false grandeur. In essence, this work explores how the reflective, blackened screens of new-age technology are just as destructive as the pool of water to Narcissus in Greek Mythology.

This work breaks down the harbingers of narcissism into factions that contribute to its contagious nature; mirror, mask, container, and propaganda. This faction is Ballyhoo (propaganda) and is the collection of imagery used to market a superficial, consumerist ideology that contributes to traits associated with narcissistic personality disorder. The content within each image was taken from advertisements, magazines, and media sources that targeted audiences with materialistic ‘necessities’ and taglines that stressed individuality. Among the nine key traits that make up narcissistic personality disorder, almost five of them can be viewed as consequential while assimilating with this type of imagery. The five traits encountered are grandiosity, belief in uniqueness, sense of entitlement, preoccupation with successfulness, and envy.