Alyssa Maurer is a multidisciplinary artist working in the Cincinnati area. Her work often explores contemporary issues through individual concepts. Exploring trends in social media, marginalized topics, and global issues, her work dismantles the facade of images used collectively. Utilizing techniques associated with collage and composite, she explores these topics by taking or appropriating associated imagery. The final work is then the reinterpreted, juxtaposed object of familiar significance.

Viewers may recognize images, objects, or symbols hidden within Maurer's work. Both collage and composite imagery rely heavily on composition strategies, project vision, and the willingness to cut and move throughout. She has always enjoyed the idea of taking something old and reconstructing it to look contemporary. Most of her work has challenged this idea by taking on concepts concerning global warming, narcissism, and marginalization. These concepts aren’t new, and by way of cut and paste technique, Maurer is not only remaking, but uncovering the missing dialogue between issue and onlooker