Language is a tool that transcends cultures and brings people together. However, language can sometimes be disrupted by ‘slang’ words which can be made up to shorten, abbreviate, or to express people of a specific area. Video games have become a casual hobby for most in the midst of digital technology. Where an arcade would take up most of a teenager’s life, phones are replacing pinball machines with apps to pass the time. In addition, terminology referenced in games (or ‘slang) has evolved throughout the years as video games have even come to launch their own league of sports. All this being said, it can be hard to keep up with the growing language.

Ganked is a series of images exploring terms found in contemporary gaming atmospheres. Taken from an uninformed perspective, the terms are visually represented as an outsider’s interpretation. With so many terms appearing throughout the genre, there can be multiple definitions depending on the game. Therefore, each term that has multiple definitions (depending on the game) is repeated with a slightly different visual aid.