Most of what makes up history past the mid 1800s is shrouded by the male gaze. The male gaze makes up documentation of nearly every person, place, or thing. Consequently, the male gaze is also partially to blame for its exploitation of women from early history. While women were seen inferior, their bodies were seen as deplorable assets to interpret beauty and fertility. As such, the female nude became generalized dogma to a male driven world. Women were splayed out on canvases for the sake of beauty for the artist and a shameful legacy to the model; all in the hopes that their image be immortalized.

    Historic Dicks is a satirical series that reverses the roles of historical female exploitation and male dominance. Canons of the female nude are sliced up into parts and compensated with porn stills of males, male advertisement, and the now classic, ‘dick pic’. Classic works of art (such as Sleeping Venus and Pierre Auguste’s Odalisque) are quite literally turned on their head to prove a point; that the female anatomy was used for monetization by male agendas.