Static Anatomy


The the torso interacts with the world around it. It can be stationary or in motion. The torso can convey meaning through gestures of the hands or the posture of the shoulders and back. And in some cases, the torso's physique is used as an archetype to determine social standards of beauty or charm. In the case of the male figure, the torso is used to convey the essence of masculinity and we see the male torso throughout advertisement and branding. Over sexualized and sprawled on the covers of magazines, I feel as if the beauty of the male torso has been overused as consumeristic dogma; now a mundane image to sell a product.

I wanted to show the male torso as I see; both through movement and stillness. As one of my favorite bodies to study, this individual has gestures all their own and I set out to capture them. It's strange how particular movements caught by the camera can be nostalgic.